Frame designs/Tube profiles/Geometries

Hydroforming of frame tubes gives the opportunity of making interesting shapes and increasing surface contact when welding joints. This removes the need to add material which increases weight. This is achieved by pumping hot oil into the tubes forcing them outwards into a preformed mould. Hydro formed seat stays and chain stays can also offer the benefit of removing direct shock transfer from the rear wheel into the riders back giving a more compliant ride while a semi integrated head tube improves stability by offering larger contact diameters for the headset bearings to run on.

29er MTB Theory explanation

29r is a relatively new concept in mountain biking circles, it has a growing following and most manufacturers now offer them within the standard ranges. The benefits of this concept are the elevated bottom bracket clearance and improved rolling resistance when riding on undulating surfaces.


  • Larger wheels roll over obstacles more easily due to decrease in approach angle
  • The larger diameter wheels have more angular momentum so they lose less speed to obstacles and rough sections
  • 29" bikes tend to offer taller riders a more "natural" frame geometry

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