Warranty Information

*Please note that for all warranty claims, the Claud Butler dealership where the original purchase was made MUST be contacted in the first instance. Claud Butler is unable to deal direct with the consumer for any warranty issue, but will assist the dealership in the best way possible.

If the dealer that your purchase was made from is no longer trading then please locate your nearest dealer using our Dealer Locator


All bikes should be registered within 14 days of purchase either online or by post, using the form that is supplied with the cycle.  Failure to do so will result in the warranty being void.

For 5 Years:

All rigid steel frames and forks

All rigid Titanium frames and forks

For 3 Years:

All rigid alloy frames and forks

For 1 Year:

All suspension frames

All paintwork and decals

All carbon fibre frames and forks

All original parts, suspension forks and rear suspension units unless these parts are covered in service by a UK distributor (see below)

Non-Claud Butler branded components

All branded components such as SR Suntour, Rockshox, Shimano and Avid are all covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.  Whenever a fault occurs to a non-Dawes branded product you should contact the UK distributor for that brand to arrange a replacement or repair (your Dawes dealer can also do this on your behalf)

This warranty does not cover:

Normal wear and tear

Improper assembly

Improper follow up maintenance

Installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for, or compatible with the bicycle as sold

Damage or failure due to accident, impact, misuse, excessive load, abuse or neglect

Labour and transportation charges for parts replacement or changeover

This warranty is applicable from the date of purchase for the original owner only, who must produce proof of purchase and register their cycle in order to validate a claim.  Claims must be submitted through your original retailer, unless the original retailer is no longer trading, or no longer a Dawes dealer.  No bike is indestructible and no claims will be accepted for damage due to improper use, competition use, stunt riding, ramp jumping or similar activities.

EN/ISO Standards

All our bicycles conform to EN European and ISO International safety standards. We also split all our bikes into categories so that you can fully understand the intended usage of each bike, and make the most informed decision as to which style of bike is best for you.  Here is a brief guide to help with your purchase.

BS EN71: Toys for children, including bicycles that are considered to be toys, ie; those having a saddle that have a maximum height of no more than 635mm. These toys are intended for the use of small children, on private land under the supervision of an adult, away from highways.

ISO 8098: Bicycles for Young Children with saddle height between 435mm and 635mm Bicycles for young children. (Permissable total weight of rider + luggage + bicycle = 60kg).

These bicycles are not intended for use on the public highway. They are designed for use solely by children on maintained slightly undulating surfaces. Parental supervision is required at all times.

ISO 4210-2014: City and Trekking bicycles & Mountain bicycles (Permissible total weight of rider + luggage + bicycle = 135kgs except folding bikes which are 105kg). Also included are Young Adult bicycles (Permissible total weight of rider + bicycle = 95kg). These bicycles are intended for use on public roads, paths and cycle tracks that are in good condition. Paths and cycle tracks can be gravel or dirt roads with minor undulations and small potholes.

ISO 4210-2014: Road bicycles (Permissible total weight of rider + luggage+ bicycle = 135kg). These bicycles are intended for high speed amateur use on public roads but are not considered specialised racing bicycles for sanctioned competitive events.

Please check and follow the guidelines for the full scope of intended use for your particular bicycle in your user manual.

Whichever bike you choose please carry out the service and maintenance checks as advised within the user manual.

Please note every effort is made to make sure every detail is accurate at time of print but Tandem Group Cycles retain the right to change the specification where necessary. This catalogue depicts action that is potentially dangerous. All riders in this literature are experienced or professional. Do not attempt to copy any images, actions or stunts that are beyond your capabilities or the capabilities of the bicycle.

Please refer to your Owners Manual for full safety instruction.

Please wear a helmet.

If you have any questions at all, please contact your dealer or send us an email